Building Learning Power

Building Learning Power



At Whiston Willis, we believe in developing key characteristics within our children to equip them with the toolkit to become resilient, life-long learners. To do this, we embed BLP skills into our daily learning experiences so the children are developing these invaluable characteristics. We feel by doing this, our children will have the tools to face any situation in an uncertain wider world.

Building Learning Power was developed by Professor Guy Claxton. He believes in ‘expanding the capacity to learn’.

What is BLP?

- Coaching the children to understand themselves as learners

- Developing their learning habits

- Equipping the children with a toolkit of characteristics to thrive as lifelong learners

How do we do this?

- Developing the metacognitive mind

- Changing the whole school philosophy around teaching and learning

- Encouraging individuals to take ownership of their learning journey

- Growing a child’s learning character and learning habits

- Engaging teachers and children creatively

- Developing a growth mindset

- Evolving the appetite and ability to learn in different ways

Why BLP?

To equip our children with the toolkit they need to thrive and succeed in the 21st century; with the ambition that they can do and be anything they set their mind to.

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