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Here at Whiston Willis, we strongly believe in collaboration between children and so have adopted a child-led approach to support our Online Safety education. Across the academic year, we will have selected pupils who will research various areas of Online Safety and become available to support peers. Additionally, the Digital Leaders will have the opportunity to deliver carefully selected sessions to full classes.

In Key Stage 2, our Digital Leaders are as follows:

  •  Daniel and Daisy-Lou
  • Kayden and Ashmiya
  •  Gracie and Dylan
  •  Jayden and Zoe
  •  Abi and Ruby
  • Josh and Taylor

 Spring Term:

This term we have decided to tailor our education to meet the needs of all children across school. With children turning to our Digital Leaders for support, we have decided to deliver an education whereby children design their own lessons depending on current issues.

After talking to children, we are aware that more and more children are using online gaming such as laptop/PC games with chat accessibility and chat over game consoles such as Xbox/Playstations.

Autumn Term:

This term, our Key Stage 2 children will be focusing on the following areas:

  • Safe Searching
  • Safe Profile
  • Be an Upstander

All children across school will be focusing on areas of each category and accessing information at a level appropriate to them.

Week 1 - 

The children have begun looking into how we use search engines. Did you know, if you put your keywords in inverted commas, "", it will make your results more specific and accurate. The children tried this technique by searching for information around their current class topics. 



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