At Whiston Willis all age groups were involved in learning all about Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight and Fairtrade Maths Day 2019. We looked at which foods are Fairtrade, and where we could buy them. Children were challenged to search for for the Fairtrade logo whilst out shopping and to speak to their families about why Fairtrade is important. Fairtrade cakes were made and sent home as Mother’s Day gifts in EYFS. In Key Stage 1, chocolate bars were discussed and we designed a new wrapper and bar for Fairtrade traders to sell. Through the story of "Cloud Tea Monkeys", Key Stage 2 looked at a favourite drink of the nation – tea. They tried and tested different ones and really felt for the people who are being unfairly treated, then wrote to Tesco, persuading them to stock more Fairtrade products. 

Learning about Fairtrade opened a window to the world and showed us that we are all connected and that small actions and changes in our daily lives can impact on producers and workers around the world..


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