Home School Agreement

Our Home/School Agreement is written with the purpose of enriching our children’s learning experience by bringing  together the resources of Home and School. It also provides the setting for our Parent-Teacher partnership being one based on care, trust, teamwork, mutual respect and responsibility.

The School

The School will:-

· Encourage your child to work hard and to do his/her best.

· Offer a balanced curriculum, which meets the needs of your individual child.

· Let you know regularly how your child is progressing and contact you as soon as possible, if we are concerned about your child’s work or behaviour

· Welcome parents/carers into the life of the school and

· inform you regularly about general school matters

· Set your child regular homework tasks

· Provide a range of extra curricular activities designed to enrich your child’s experience

· Ensure your child’s physical and social well being at all times

Parents and Carers

To help my child at school, I will:-

· Make sure that my child attends regularly and is on time for school.

· Support my child in his/her homework, encourage him/her to complete tasks on time and listen to my child read.

· Work with the school to make sure that my child behaves well and get in touch if there are any circumstances at home that may affect my child’s work or behaviour

· Make sure that my child wears the correct school uniform

· Make every effort to ensure that my child goes to bed at a reasonable time on weekdays.

· Attend Parents’ Evenings and discussions about my child’s progress at school



To help me do well at school I will:-

· Work hard and listen carefully to instructions.

· Keep the school rules and be polite and helpful towards others.

· Not miss school and arrive on time.

· Do all my homework and try to read to someone at  home.

· Wear the correct school uniform.

· Ask the teacher or someone at home if I find the work hard.



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Mrs Joyce Jones

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