Liverpool Counts Quality Mark

What is LCQM?


The Liverpool Counts Quality Mark (LCQM) is part of a varied programme of strategies targeted at improving maths results for children. The specific remit of the Quality Mark is to tackle the negative attitudes towards numeracy and mathematics which are prevalent in many areas of our society.

Aims of LCQM:

- Promote a culture where people readily understand the impact good numeracy skills and mathematics qualifications can have on the social, financial, health and employment aspects of their lives.

- Support teachers and other adults in schools to encourage pipils to make connections in numeracy and mathematics lessons to real-life contexts.

The National Numeracy Challenge in Liverpool:

Mike Ellicock, Chief Executive of the National Numeracy Challenge, said:

"Being numerate means being able to use numbers and think mathematically, which is essential for so many aspects of everyday life and work. To anyone tempted to say 'I can't do maths', we say 'Yes, you can'. We are delighted that Liverpool sre launching the National Bumeracy Challenge city wide and we can't wait to see individuals, employers and other organisations getting involved."

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Liverpool Learning Partnership

Quality Mark Criteria:

The assessment criteria are grouped under six key themes. The mathematics Champion (Mr M. Phillips) is tasked to identify and assign relevant pieces of evidence to the criteria and through a self-assessment and best fit process, decide which award level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) they are currently working at.

LCQM at Whiston Willis:

During our inspection in Summer 2018, we were awarded the GOLD award. This is something we are extremely proud of as we believe we have made several changes to increase child participation in Mathematics. We will continue to push a love of Mathematics around our community.

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