Maths Ambassadors

At Whiston Willis we have an amazing group of children known as the school's Maths Ambassadors.


With the help of our school's Maths Champion, Mr M. Phillips, we aim to promote Numeracy for Life by:

- Raising the profile of Numeracy/ Mathematics in our school.

- Changing the culture of thinking around Numeracy/ Mathematics.

- Making real-life connections.

- Showing how Numeracy/ Mathematics can affect life choices.

- Making connections between other subject areas.

- Sharing and celebrate the enjoyment of Numeracy/ Mathematics.


We have a Darts and Maths Games Club on Monday lunchtimes. This is facilitated by ourselves and Mr Phillips. There is also a darts board on the playground for younger children to play with too, with the help of some of us and the dinnertime Play Buddies. We are also responsible for Maths Challenge Walls and Maths-related displays around school. 


Our recent meeting involved the team devising some questions to ask children in school their opinions about Numeracy/ Mathematics: a follow-up to our last pupil voice questionnaire. These will be arriving in classes for children to complete soon.


Our next meeting will be looking at ways we can promote our Darts and Maths Games Club further and also plans for our upcoming event, NSPCC Number Day on Friday 2nd February 2018.


Welcome to our team ....


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