Sports Leaders

Increased participation in Physical Activity is a huge government focus...

...therefore, to help increase the time children spend taking part in physical activity, Sports Leaders have been selected from Year 5 to assist on the delivery of physical activities to KS1 children during lunchtimes. All children have attended a course ran by KSSP, this has provided children with the ability to ensure safe, sporting activities are provided to all KS1 children. 

Sports Leaders demonstrate many qualities expected of a sports person and role model:

- Confidence

- Leadership

- Teamwork

- Sportsmanship

- Communication

- Organisation

Sports Leaders will continue to support all KS1 lunchtimes, along with supporting other organised sporting events such as athlete visits, sports day and sporting competitions.

To become a future Sports Leaders children must be selected, they are selected through their attitude towards sports, participation in sporting events and support towards sporting staff.

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