Creative Council

At Whiston Willis, we recognise and value the thoughts, feelings and ideas from our pupils. Creative Council members have been elected by teachers from each class across the whole school, representing their fellow pupils on all matters related to being creative and innovative.


Creative Council representatives meet at least three times each academic year to discuss the subjects of Art & Design, Design and Technology and cooking which takes place in our school. We discuss what they feel works well in these subjects, what teachers could do to improve these subjects and ideas they have related to all things creative.


September 2017

In our first meeting in September, the children suggested we have some sort of creative after school club where the children can try out extra activities related to these subject areas. As a result of our meeting, 'Make & Create' club was set up for KS2 pupils to attend. Other points discussed in our meeting were more hands on Design and Technology work in all classes as well as doing more Art based learning in class.


Our next Creative Council meeting will take place in the next few weeks, so we look forward to hearing the children's suggestions to take Art & Design and Design and Technology forward at Whiston Willis primary school.



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