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Religious Education at Whiston Willis Primary Academy


At Whiston Willis Primary Academy, Religious Education plays an important role in promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils. It aims to encourage pupils to develop their sense of identity and belonging and to develop respect and sensitivity towards others. Religious Education encourages pupils to explore their own beliefs, values and experiences through a sensitive and open exploration of religious beliefs while respecting the rights of others, different religions and ways of life.

We follow the Wirral agreed syllabus for Religious Education where the aim is to develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principle religions and worldviews.

Enquiry based learning is used at all key stages to provoke challenging questions about the ultimate meaning of life and beliefs. Learning about religion includes enquiry into the nature of religion. Learning from religion is concerned with developing pupils' reflection on and response to their own experiences. Through discussion, pupils are encouraged to be independent enquirers and effective participators who can engage and reflect on questions of belief. Pupils are encouraged to have self awareness, respect for all, open mindedness and appreciation and wonder.

Religious Education continues to form the basis of whole school ethos of care, respect and valuing of others.

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