Knowsley Schools 4 Health

What is Knowsley Schools 4 Health?


Knowsley Schools 4 Health is a programme provided by the 5 Boroughs Partnership. It is an award that recognises a school's commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles. This is measured through principles already within schools and how schools make changes to encourage more children and families to become healthier. There are 3 awards to be achieved within the programme; bronze, silver and gold.


Knowsley Schools 4 Health at Whiston Willis


At Whiston Willis, we have achieved our Silver Schools 4 Health Award. We play an important role in supporting the health and wellbeing of our children. We are currently working to sustain our Healthy Schools Silver Award. 

The following areas will remain our prime focus:

- To improve snacks on the yard.

- To improve packed lunches.

- To provide an opportunity for healthy eating sessions.

We embed our healthy school focuses into our curriculum through Science, P.E., Philosophy for Children, assemblies, learning mentor courses and extended schools. We also hold a number of healthy eating events throughout the academic year to promote healthy eating.

We have health ambassadors who are important role models as they encourage a healthy lifestyle by holding dinnertime clubs and running our healthy tuck shop. They also help to run after-school clubs with our sports coaches.

The following will be put into place during 2017-2018 to help improve healthy eating at Whiston Willis:

- Rewards for health snacks brought into school

- Raffle ticket and prizes to be given out during lunchtime to promote healthy eating.

- Extra-curricular activities to be provided to all children.

- Healthy Eating displays to be evident around the whole school.

As last year's GULP incentive was a great success, we will be promoting similar events in school to encourage children to engage in living a healthy life.


More information:


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