Science Ambassadors

At Whiston Willis, we recognise and value the thoughts, feelings and ideas from our pupils. Our Science Ambassadors have been appointed by teachers from each class across the school due to their enthusiasm about Science!











The Science Ambassadors will play an important role in promoting and developing Science across our school.

Please check back for regular updates and photographs from our meetings!


The Science Ambassadors met to think about plans for our upcoming Science Week. This year the theme is Exploration and Discovery. The room was buzzing with ideas of how we can involve the whole school and engage everyone in all things Science. We look forward to sharing our ideas with you very soon!


Our Science Ambassadors met to discuss their opinions of Science in general and the teaching in our school for a pupil voice. They each had the opportunity to answer questions such as 'What do you like about Science?' 'How they like to be taught Science in school?' and 'What would they change about Science lessons?' The main message from our ambassadors was how they like the hands on approach to their lessons. They enjoy Science most when they are involved in their own learning, have the opportunity to learn outdoors and can carry out experiments and investigations. The children now have a task to collect a staff voice together for me to compare the answers!


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