South Africa Partner School

This year (2018/19), we have began building relationships with a school in South Africa called Khulasizwe Primary School in Tembisa. This relationship will be built upon during 2019/20. 

Class Teacher: Nkazimulo Mbonani

School Address: Phofo and Nkwe street, Mqantsa section Tembisa 1632, South Africa.

During 2019/20, Year 3 and 4 children will be communicating via post, email and video; exchanging information about ourselves, our school, our class and our community. We will specifically be working on a project together looking at 'Quality Education'. The project illustrates how we can support the development of quality education for everyone through the study of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 - to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong opportunities for all.

Everyone Deserves A Quality Education - You Know Who I Am




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Mrs Joyce Jones

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Whiston Willis Community

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