Staff Information


Meet the staff:

Mr I. Cooper - Headteacher

Miss J. Watkins - Deputy Headteacher/EYFS Leader

Miss N. Harrison - Class Teacher/Key Stage 1 Leader

Mrs R. Pender - Class Teacher/Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs C.A Hennessey - SENCO


Early Years


Nursery am (Squirrel) - Mrs K. Fitzgerald

Nursery pm (Rabbit) - Mrs E. Attwood

Reception (Hedgehog) - Mrs L.Halsall

Reception (Owl) - Miss J. Watkins and Mrs H. Hemnell

Support Staff

Mrs P. Gains

Mrs I. Rimmer

Mrs L. Blakeley

Mrs J. Adair


Key Stage 1

Year 1  (Kangaroo) - Miss E. Atkin

Year 1 and 2 (Koala) - Miss R. Harrison and Mrs A. Lyons

Year 2 (Zebra) - Miss N.Harrison

Support Staff

Mrs K. Fowler (1:1)

Mrs N. Ball

Mrs J. Wilson

Mrs A. Davies


Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 (Shark) - Mr M. Phillips

Year 3 and 4 (Wolf) - Mr L. Wong

Year 4 (Panda) - Miss G. Murdoch

Support Staff

Miss V. Lee

Miss E. Nelms


Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5 (Falcon) - Mrs K. Williams

Year 5 and 6 (Parrot) - Miss K. Caldwell

Year 6 (Lion) - Mrs R. Pender

Support Staff

Mrs M. Miller (1:1)

Miss A. Irwin

Mrs A. Vasey

Mrs A. Dickinson


PPA Teaching staff - Mr N. Maloney


Pastoral Team

Learning Mentor - Mrs P. Steele

Behaviour Support/Inclusion  - Mrs B. Myring


Business / Office Team

Business Manager - Mrs J. Jones

Administrator - Mrs J. Salkeld


Lunchtime Supervisory Team

Mrs H. Young -Supervisor

Mrs D. Dunn

Mrs P. Hartley

Mrs A. Turner

Mrs C. Davenport

Mrs C. Gaffney

Mrs J. Wilson


Kitchen Staff

Mrs D. Maloney - Cook

Mrs G. Samuel

Mrs J. Lucas

Mrs L. Barlow


Site Manager

Mr G. Peel


Cleaning Staff

Mrs C. Davenport

Mrs G. Roberts

Mrs J. Wilson

Mrs V. Peel

Mrs A. Turner

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Mrs Joyce Jones

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