K​ey Person Approach


What is a 'Key Person'?: A key person is your own special grown up, who will spend time building a strong, secure relationship with your child. This will allow your child to form trusting relationships, helping your little one to settle and form secure attachments early on in their Whiston Willis journey. Your key person will also support your child's physical needs too, helping with issues such as Personal care including toilet training and dressing when required.


Why is this important?: Your child's key person is available and accessible at the point of contact for parents/carers. Children will meet regularly in small groups, enabling their key person to 'tune in' to their play and conversations, allowing them to tailor your child's learning experiences to meet their needs and interests.


Why does attachment matter?: Attachments are emotional bonds that young children develop with parents and other carers, such as a key person. Children with strong early attachments become less upset when separated. Their sense of who they are is strong and they engage in play with sustained attention for longer. When a child feels safe they are more resilient and much more inclined to try things out and become independent. This is why the key person approach is vital.


Who will be my child's Key Person?: Each child has their own member of staff as their key person as they begin their time in each phase of our Early Years (Nursery and Reception). If you are unsure who your child's key person is, just ask a member of staff. Key People are displayed on our Belongings wall displays also.


Mrs Halsall is the Early Years Lead and responsible for both nursery and reception classes.


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